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WeSD: Designing for Urban Transformation
Delft, a small town: 100.000 inhabitants
Delft, an important node in a vast urban area: Randstad 4.000.000 inhabitants
Delft, home of the Technical University and an innovative creative industry
Delft, historical town of scientists and craftsman: Vermeer, Delft Pottery, Hugo Grotius

4 Main building projects: de Spoorzone

In this town an important cluster of projects will be executed the coming 12 years. The centre of Delft, its heart and soul, will be transformed. Four main projects:

  • construction of a new railroad tunnel of 2300 meters with 4 tracks
  • a new rail stations combined with
  • a new town hall
  • a new living quarter with 1.500 houses

Challenge of Delft

How to use these 4 projects as a catalyst for community development, innovation and creative industriousness? How to use technology and artifacts as means for learning, integration, innovation and economic and social development. How to give the community ownership? In stead of leaving these projects as a goal in itself – invented and executed by aliens.

Design methodologies for Urban Transformation

A group of citizens (citoyens in French) has set up a foundation that defines the four projects of the Spoorzone as a workplace for creativity, innovation, learning and culture. This foundation is called WeSD. We started in spring 2006. Our methodology is characterized by

  • creating inspiring social spaces for new relations and interactions